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Owner: Drężek Artur Details
: This is a project dedicated to the development of an international dictionary.
You can just use the dictionary to learn foreign words.
The system randomly shows words to you and you can answer if you can or not translate them.
The system will show you only unknown words. It will ignore known words.
If you want to learn foreign language you can just start to enter words to the dictionary.
You can use words entered by other participants and they can use yours as well.
Initially your words are "private" and are available only for you.
Moderator can change their state to "public" and then they will be available for all.
Every word has its category eg. "verb" or "adjective" and its level.
Lower level refers to the most popular and frequently used words and higher level to less popular ones.
For instance if there are 5000 words and 5 levels, one level can contain 1000 words.
For the time beeing only "polish", "english" and "german" languages are available.
But if you want learn other languages eg. "french", "spanish" or "russian" let me know about it.
If you want to learn, help and discuss about the project just join it.
If we divide the whole project among many persons there will not be a lot of work.
For instance one task can be to translate words from "english" to "french" for "Home" category and for "0" level.
In fact the task will be to translate no more than 50 words.
If one person translate words eg. from "english" to "french" and another from "english" to "spanish"
it will be possible to translate words automatically from "french" to "spanish" with using existing translations.
You can report your work so you will know how much time you will spend on the project.
Every translation has its author. If the project become commercial you will have your share
and you will participate in income according to your engagement.
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